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Nation Sep 15

Walter Reed Closes the Door on an Era

After more than a century, the storied Walter Reed Army Medical Center is closing its doors. Patients are being transferred to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, which will officially become Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Nation Sep 11

The 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush gathered to honor victims of the 9/11 attacks Sunday morning at the World Trade Center memorial site in New York.

Arts Aug 24

Battle for the Black Hills

Members of the Great Sioux Nation in South Dakota are refusing $1.3 billion in federal funds, held in trust after parts of the resource-rich Black Hills were taken from them in 1877. Now, tribal leaders are fighting to reclaim some…

World Aug 09

Rioting, Looting Grip London

Violence has spread throughout neighborhoods in London for three days, after a peaceful demonstration Aug. 6 over the shooting of a 29-year-old man by police. Rioters have looted stores, burned tires and cars, and clashed with police across Britain's capital.

World Jun 22

U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Near a Decade of Combat

U.S. troops have been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly a decade, including a 33,000-troop "surge" ordered by President Obama last year. On Wednesday evening, the president will address the nation and outline his strategy for reducing the number of soldiers…

World Mar 31

Bahraini Official Defends Crackdown on Protesters

// A month of demonstrations that began in mid-February drew worldwide attention to the small Persian Gulf island nation of Bahrain, one of a series of Arab countries to be swept up in a wave of protest movements. The…

Economy Feb 21

What Do Wisconsin Protests Say About Organized Labor?

Having begun my journalism career in college in the '60s, I figure I've been covering the labor movement for nearly half a century - a half century of relative decline. It's easy to understand in retrospect. After World War II,…

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