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Science Jun 01

WATCH: Trump announces decision on Paris climate agreement

President Donald Trump declared Thursday he was withdrawing the U.S. from the landmark Paris climate agreement, striking a major blow to worldwide efforts to combat climate change and distancing the country from many allies abroad. He said the U.S. would…

Politics Apr 28

WATCH: Trump signs order aimed at opening Arctic drilling

WASHINGTON — Working to dismantle his predecessor’s environmental legacy, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday aimed at expanding drilling in the Arctic and opening other federal areas to oil and gas exploration. With one day left to…

Politics Apr 27

Trump says U.S. won’t leave NAFTA — for now

President Donald Trump said he has told the leaders of Mexico and Canada that he will not pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement at this time, but could still withdraw if he concludes a renegotiated pact is…

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