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World Nov 04

Kerry urges U.S.-China cooperation on climate change

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday the U.S. and China must work together to stave off a global catastrophe from climate change, as he appealed for greater cooperation between the two world powers despite strains between them…

Nation Oct 21

American released from North Korea

American detainee Jeffrey Fowle has been released from North Korea, nearly six months after he was taken into custody, the State Department said Tuesday. Two other Americans who have been tried and convicted of crimes in North Korea are still…

World Oct 17

Kobani key to U.S. strategy against Islamic State

WASHINGTON — Dusty and remote, the Syrian city of Kobani has become an unlikely spoil in the war against Islamic State militants — and far more of a strategic prize than the United States wants to admit.

World Oct 09

Turkey, Kurd tensions worry U.S. in fight for Kobani

WASHINGTON — Even as it prods Turkey to step up in the global fight against Islamic State militants, the United States is worried that Ankara might use military action to target Kurdish fighters who are the last line of defense…

World Oct 04

U.S.: Militants use beheadings to make up for losses

Within days of a military defeat, the group would release images of more beheadings - at least nine over six weeks - of Western journalists, aid workers and Muslim soldiers. The tactic signals that even as the Islamic State group…

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