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Lisa Desjardins is a correspondent at PBS NewsHour.

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Nation Sep 06

Where the candidates stand on climate change

We posed a question to Twitter today: On what issue do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ the most? The answer from the Twitterverse? Immigration. An understandable choice. But in the past week it has become clear that both Clinton…

Politics Sep 01

The 6 new, significant things Donald Trump said on immigration

Donald Trump’s immigration speech in Phoenix on Wednesday served up a buffet of red meat for his supporters, with talk of detention, deportation, clamping down on so-called “sanctuary cities” and blocking some nationalities altogether. But what was new? A few,…

Nation Aug 16

Where the candidates stand on ISIS and Your Taxes

We would like to offer a prescription to the past two weeks of repeated campaign stories (Trumpisms, emails): a clear look at two key issues and what separates the two candidates. We put together two graphics with the help of…

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