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Lisa Desjardins is a correspondent at PBS NewsHour.

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Politics Feb 17

Texas judge blocks Obama immigration action

Today in the Morning Line: Federal judge halts Obama’s executive action the day before it’s set to take place Obama administration to appeal decision Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of foreign policy Why Jeb Bush has to talk about…

Politics Feb 10

A little bipartisanship begins to show in Washington

Don’t get us wrong, Morning Line is not painting a picture of blossoming bipartisanship at the U.S. Capitol. But, slowly, quietly, a few green shoots are sprouting, nearly unnoticed in the shadow of dark (also true) headlines about partisan divide.

Politics Jan 22

Obama goes on offense post-State of the Union

Today in the Morning Line:   Obama hitting the road Today, he’s in Kansas (before talking to YouTube stars) House abortion bill falls apart Boehner invites Netanyahu; doesn’t tell White House Just one senator (and it’s not the one you…

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