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Episode Nov 16

PBS NewsHour full episode November 16, 2017

Thursday on the NewsHour, Sen. Al Franken accused of sexual harassment, a mistrial declared in the Sen. Menendez case, what an "America First" economy would actually mean, an FCC rule change on controlling mergers and Afghanistan's chief executive on combatting…

Nation Nov 16

How new FCC rules could affect your local news

Longstanding rules that prevented an individual or company from owning broadcast stations and newspapers in the same local market have been abandoned by the FCC. The sweeping changes come amid wider transformations in the media and digital landscape, and have…

Episode Nov 15

PBS NewsHour full episode November 15, 2017

Tuesday on the NewsHour, Republican lawmakers push to repeal a key part of the Affordable Care Act in their tax reform plan. Also: Zimbabwe military leaders seize control from President Mugabe, the creator of the #MeToo movement, astronaut Scott Kelly…

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