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Episode Jan 18

PBS NewsHour full episode January 18, 2018

Thursday on the NewsHour, the countdown begins on a potential government shutdown as Republicans struggle to pass a short-term funding fix. Also: A former CIA officer arrested on suspicion of helping China, USA gymnasts confront the man who abused them,…

Politics Jan 18

News Wrap: Congressional Black Caucus calls for Trump censure

In our news wrap Thursday, the Congressional Black Caucus called for censuring President Trump over crude remarks about African nations and Haiti. While 130 House Democrats are reportedly supporting the resolution, there was no immediate indication the Republicans will allow…

World Jan 18

A curious penguin joins scientists for a cold-water cruise

In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, scientists had an unexpected visitor while cruising through the chilly waters of Antarctica. While collecting water samples, a curious Adelie penguin crashed the party and hopped on the boat to join them.

Episode Jan 17

PBS NewsHour full episode January 17, 2018

Wednesday on the NewsHour, Republicans scramble to avoid a looming government shutdown, pushing a short-term bill that would leave out the so-called “Dreamers.” Also: Sen. Dick Durbin on President Trump’s disparaging remarks, Navy officers face homicide charges in deadly ship…

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