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P.J. Tobia is a Foreign Affairs Producer at PBS NewsHour, covering the Middle East and North Africa. He is also the host and producer of the foreign affairs podcast "Shortwave." Prior to this Tobia spent two years in Afghanistan covering Afghan politics, life and the U.S.-led war.

P. J.'s Recent Stories

World Apr 01

How sending aid landed one Libyan family in prison

On his Shortwave podcast this week, P.J. Tobia reports on the story of one Libyan family, how they suffered under Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, and how after he was captured and killed, things got much, much worse.

World Feb 12

Here’s the real story behind your cup of tea

When you wrap your hands around a toasty cup of tea this winter, consider the source. Human rights groups allege tea-pickers worker in dangerous conditions. This week’s Shortwave investigates the claims.

World Dec 31

Was 2015 the end of America as a superpower?

Year-end shows are usually a yawn. A few big events of the soon-to-be past year are duly noted and analyzed before the view shifts to the year to come. But 2015 has been truly remarkable.

World Dec 24

Need a distraction for your holiday road trip?

Hello! I’m P.J. Tobia, host of PBS NewsHour’s Shortwave podcast. This is a reminder that as you hustle cross country to gather with family this holiday season, tune in to Shortwave to learn about connections to your global family.

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