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World May 24

Egypt’s Mubarak Could Face Death Penalty

Egypt's former leader Hosni Mubarak and two of his sons will face trial -- with a potential death sentence -- for the killing of civilians in protests earlier this year that ultimately led to Mubarak's resignation, Egypt's public prosecutor announced…

World May 17

Syria: An Inconvenient Revolution

After Egypt and Libya, the White House doesn't plan on inserting itself into another Arab uprising with an uncertain outcome, analysts say. Despite weeks of protests and escalating violence in Syria, the White House is not ready to call for…

World Apr 19

Analysts: A ‘Make or Break’ Moment for Syria’s Assad

For nearly five weeks President Bashar al-Assad faced growing unrest in Syria without giving any significant ground. His security forces cracked down -- often violently -- on protesters. His Interior Ministry this week described the protests as an insurrection…

Politics Dec 21

Iraq Has a New Government … at Last

Iraqi Parliament members vote for the new Iraqi Cabinet (Photo by Iraqi Prime Minister Office via Getty Images) The Iraqi people cast their votes on March 7. More than nine months later, after months of political turmoil, deal-making, and…

World Jun 04

Israeli Raid Reignites Debate on Gaza

Monday's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla has highlighted Israel's policy of blockading the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Several regional analysts weigh in on the policy and other options.

World Nov 13

Mideast Political Uncertainty Stymies Peace Process

Barack Obama's first call made as president to a foreign leader went to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He told the beleaguered leader that he was firmly committed to working for Middle East peace, and that he saw Abbas as his…

World Sep 24

Author Describes Israel’s View on Threat From Iran

Taking a shot at Israel's intelligence agencies, author Ronen Bergman argues that Israel and the West have underestimated the threat from Iran for decades. Bergman, a journalist and author of "The Secret War with Iran: The 30-Year Clandestine Struggle Against…

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