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Science May 01

Climate in the Classroom: Teachers Share Their Stories

This week, the PBS NewsHour will report on one teacher's struggles to teach climate change in her Colorado classroom. This comes as the National Academies Press is preparing to roll out new national science standards for kindergarten through 12th grade.

Science Apr 02

An Interactive History of the Texas Drought

Click on the map above for an interactive version. Recently, PBS NewsHour reported from Texas in collaboration with the public media project StateImpact Texas to look at how dry conditions have caused towns to struggle with extreme…

Science Mar 23

Do You Worry About Access to Water?

Kids play in a fountain in downtown Seattle; Creative Commons photo courtesy Flickr user clogozm The extreme drought and record-breaking temperatures across the Southwest have highlighted crucial issues with the region's water supply system. As the population grows and…

Science Mar 20

Two Texas Towns Run Out of Water

In collaboration with StateImpact Texas, the PBS NewsHour takes a closer look at the struggle for water in two Texas towns and how the state plans to deal with a drier future. This report is part of our new series…

Science Mar 20

Coping With Climate Change: Texas Water Woes

The drought in Texas has put an unprecedented strain on the state's already tenuous water supply. In the face of continued climate uncertainty and a growing population, Texas communities face the stark reality of a future without enough water.

Science Mar 14

Tell Us Your Climate Change Stories

A lone daffodil flower stood out amid the other withered daffodils in London's St James's Park in April 2011. Daffodils bloomed unusually early in London last year due to the coldest December in 100 years followed by a warm and…

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