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Politics Sep 18

President Obama says no to ground troops — again

Today in the Morning Line: Obama reiterates there will be no U.S. ground troops fighting Islamic State group Poroshenko makes the rounds in D.C. Biden veers off course on Iowa trip House approves plan to arm Syrian opposition; Senate…

Politics Sep 09

Is President Obama too cautious?

Today in the Morning Line: Obama meets with Hill leaders on Islamic State New poll shows Americans questioning the president’s leadership It’s the last primary day before Election Day Ferguson is back in the spotlight — on Capitol Hill…

Politics Sep 08

Obama outlines ‘next phase’ against Islamic State

Today in the Morning Line: Obama says it’s time to deal with Islamic State The president punts on immigration executive action Republican Senate candidates looking strong in new polls Why Senate control matters Obama readies ‘next phase’ against Islamic…

Politics Sep 05

GOP not taking any chances in Kansas Senate race

Today in the Morning Line: National Republicans sending Roberts some help McDonnell found guilty on corruption charges Kerry, Hagel talk strategy with NATO allies The ‘Bill factor’ in the midterms Roberts getting reinforcements: National Republicans are reportedly sending in…

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