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William Brangham is a correspondent for the PBS NewsHour.

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Nation Oct 11

Would you switch your favorite drink if it cost more?

As San Francisco considers a tax on sugary beverages, NewsHour Weekend spoke with residents as they bought their favorite drinks. We asked: if the price of their beverage of choice increased, would it change their consumption behavior?…

Nation Aug 01

Edible marijuana rules tightened in Colorado

Since recreational marijuana sales began at the beginning of this year in Colorado, sales of edibles – items like pot-infused sodas, chocolates, brownies and gummy bears – have become hugely popular. Unfortunately, because of inconsistent labeling and potency, many inexperienced…

Nation Jun 29

Rapper appeals verdict after lyrics used to sway jury

The case against Vonte Skinner hinged primarily on two eyewitnesses, though their stories had changed several times. Near the end of the trial, the prosecution introduced 13 pages of violent rap lyrics to demonstrate Skinner’s motive and intent to commit…

World Jun 16

Pacific Island nation shuts fishery to protect tuna

President Anote Tong of the tiny Pacific Island nation of Kiribati, announced Monday the closure of a vast fishing ground known as the Phoenix Islands Protected Area. The area, which spans over 150,000 square miles of ocean -- roughly the…

Nation Apr 02

Is pot getting more potent?

The average potency of pot has more than tripled in the past two decades, according to testing done for the federal government. This comes just over a year after Colorado and Washington legalized the drug and as many other states…

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