As teenageers, Vaughn Brown and Ivan Mayo were incarcerated at Rikers Island, where they confronted danger from fellow inmates, solitary confinement and their own thoughts. The two have vowed to never go back to jail. But being branded a felon can make restarting one’s life a major challenge. Brown and Mayo give their Brief But Spectacular takes on being in jail and getting out.

Duration: 3:38

How he went from dunking breaded clams in hot grease to becoming a famous chef and television personality, Anthony Bourdain has no idea. But he says he learned everything he needed to know about life -- and gained self respect -- by working as a dishwasher. He gives his Brief but Spectacular take on vegetarians, being a bad boy and why he thinks brunch is ridiculous.

Duration: 2:56

The first thing that casting director David Rubin does when he reads a screenplay is to forget the writer’s character descriptions. Instead, he’s on the lookout for an actor’s authenticity, as well as diversity. Rubin offers his Brief But Spectacular take on what he sees as the most illuminating auditions.

Duration: 3:2

While many families may look like the archetype of mom and dad and kids, every family has something that makes them different, says author Rumaan Alam. The makeup of his family -- a brown man and a white man with two black boys -- requires that he and his husband practice what he calls "radical honesty" with his kids. Alam gives his Brief but Spectacular take on family.