Comedian Tig Notaro lost her mother, ended a long-term relationship and got diagnosed with breast cancer all in the same year. It was, she says, more than she could handle, but it also spurred a writing spree that helped her cope with her illness. Notaro offers her Brief but Spectacular take on healing through comedy.

Duration: 3:39

Playwright David McMillan vividly remembers the day O.J. Simpson was acquitted, because it created a national atmosphere in which racial assumptions were challenged. The debate over the court’s decision forced Americans to see their country for what it was, rather than what they believed it to be. McMillan offers his Brief But Spectacular take on why the Simpson verdict still matters today.

Duration: 4:0

Growing up in Palm Springs, Iranian-American Muslim comedian Negin Farsad yearned to fit in. But as she grew older amid rising Islamophobia, Farsad realized she had her own people, and she could use her comedy to do more than make people laugh -- she could make them think. Farsad gives her Brief But Spectacular take on being an Iranian-American Muslim female comedian lady.


People tend to be afraid of silence -- they develop verbal defense mechanisms like small talk to instantly fill gaps in conversation. But according to radio journalist Alex Blumberg, some of the most amazing moments on air come from the “raw electric silence” of true emotion. Blumberg gives his Brief But Spectacular take on good tape and why silence really is golden.

Duration: 2:16