You may know him as "Billy On The Street" but there's more to comedian Billy Eichner than meets the eye. He gives his Brief but Spectacular take on the most difficult person he knows: himself.

Duration: 2:52

She's written about Jimi Hendrix, Toni Morrison and Dave Chappelle, but essayist and critic Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah says she's more interested in the moments that these legends have been true to themselves. Ghansah offers her Brief but Spectacular take on fearlessness and black art.

Duration: 2:58

Jad Abumrad says he grew up in a kind of in-between space, as an Arab kid in Nashville.

Duration: 2:36

Journalist and author A.J. Jacobs has been called a "human guinea pig," a title he earned.

Duration: 3:6