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Why geothermal energy is being viewed as a viable alternative to fossil fuels

March 27, 2022


President Biden and the European Union on Friday announced new plans to enable Europe to become less dependent on Russian oil and gas. But for now, the Russian invasion has opened up much larger questions over our dependence on fossil fuels and the need to develop cleaner renewable energy. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how and why geothermal energy is attracting new interest.

Five Facts

  • What are some reasons policymakers want to move away from oil and gas?
  • What is geothermal energy?
  • Where does geothermal energy come from?
  • Why is geothermal energy becoming more accessible for practical uses than before?
  • How can geothermal energy production be risky?

Focus Questions

How do you think this technology might change your community in the future? Do you think your community will rely on a different form of energy in the future? Why so?

Media literacy: Do you think this piece did enough to explain the challenges or downsides of developing geothermal energy? How could you find out?

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