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19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas elementary school shooting

May 24, 2022

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Texas state officials say a gunman killed 19 children and at least two adults, including one teacher, at an elementary school Tuesday in the town of Uvalde outside San Antonio. The 18-year-old shooter was reportedly killed by police. For a transcript of this story, click here.

Teachers: You may wish to read 15 Tips for Talking with Children About Violence here. It is understandable for students to feel upset by the events in Uvalde. Consider inviting your school counselor or administrator to your class to help facilitate the discussion, and let students know there are resources at the school including the counselor for them to speak with.

Five Facts

  • Who is interviewed for this story and what is her background?
  • Where in the state of Texas is Uvalde and how large is the community?
  • Why was the shooter able to obtain firearms?
  • What are some other mass shootings that the reporter interviewed in this story has covered?
  • How has the community reacted to the shooting, according to the reporter?

Focus Questions

How do you think the nation will react to this shooting? What will be long-term changes or consequences, if any?

Media literacy: Why do you think the producers chose to interview a local reporter for this story?

For More

See this video to watch President Biden’s address to the nation following the shooting: