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Sen. Chris Murphy seeks ‘common ground’ with Republicans on new gun laws in wake of Texas school shooting

May 26, 2022


A day after a massacre at a Texas elementary school took the lives of 19 children and two teachers, the shooting in Texas has renewed calls for more gun regulations as Congress remains divided on the issue. Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy represents Connecticut, where the deadliest elementary school shooting in American history happened in 2012. He joins Judy Woodruff from Capitol Hill to discuss. For a transcript of this story, click here

Five Facts

  • Where is this debate occurring within our national legislative bodies?
  • When will Sen. Schumer close the window for senators to find a compromise?
  • Why are gun control laws being blocked despite there being Democratic majorities in Congress, as well as a Democratic president?
  • What are some of the “minor” gun regulations that Sen. Murphy wants legislators to enact?
  • How many Republican senators are needed in order to pass a gun control law?

Focus Questions

Focus Questions: Sen. Murphy said that Americans “are kind of giving up on democracy across the country” because little legislation has been passed on gun control or other critical issues. What do you think needs to be changed to ensure that public interest is effectively represented in Congress?

Media literacy: Why do you think Sen. Murphy was the focus of this piece?

For More

Watch Senator Chris Murphy’s floor speech on the Senate after the shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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Samia Mers, an intern with NewsHour Classroom and a rising freshman at George Mason University, wrote today’s Daily News Lesson with editing by Vic Pasquantonio.

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