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How goat yoga makes us happier and healthier

July 27, 2022


April and Summer Gould are a mother-daughter team who raise goats. They share their passion for the animals in a unique experience for visitors to their Gilbert, Arizona ranch: Goat Yoga. This story was produced at the 2022 Student Reporting Labs (SRL) summer academy.

Five Facts

  • Where did the idea for goat yoga come from?
  • What is the main aim of this program?
  • Why is this important for mental health?
  • Who participates in this program?
  • How does goat yoga bring the community together?

Focus Questions

The participants interviewed in this story talk about the importance of these types of programs for individuals in the area. What are other ways that people can find self-care through physical activity such as yoga?

Media literacy: Having learned about this goat yoga program, what are other creative ways to address mental health issues?

For More

Check out the importance of yoga for your mental health!

This Daily News Lesson was written by Vivien Williams, senior at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, Virginia, and Classroom intern. Edited by Victoria Pasquantonio.

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