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Freya the walrus becomes internet famous from crushing seafaring vessels 

August 5, 2022


There’s a portly new pinniped in the waters off Oslo this summer. Freya the walrus has slowly made her way round several ports of call in the Baltic Sea. Her favorite pastimes include sunbathing, seafood and crushing seafaring vessels. But her face has launched a thousand tweets, and even some fan art. 

For a transcript of the story, click here.

Five Facts

  • Why has Freya gained so much attention recently?
  • Who is Nadia Jdaini and how is she trying to help Freya?
  • How many pounds does Freya weigh?
  • Where has Freya been spotted? 
  • What does Freya eat?

Focus Questions

As mentioned by Directorate of Fisheries member Nadia Jdaini, why do you think it’s important for people to learn how to be safe around wild creatures like Freya?

Media literacy: Why do you think host Malcolm Brabant chose to report on this story while swimming in the Baltic Sea? 

For More

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Evelyn Chi, a rising sophomore at Amherst College and intern with NewsHour Classroom, wrote today’s Daily News Lesson with editing by Victoria Pasquantonio.