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Top lesson: Deadly shooting at private school in Nashville + News wrap 3/28/23 + Student video

March 27, 2023


An attack on a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee has left the shooter and six people dead, including three children. Police say the suspected shooter was a 28-year-old woman who was a former student at the school. Stephanie Sy reports, and Geoff Bennett speaks with Jillian Peterson, co-founder of The Violence Project, a nonprofit dedicated to data-driven violence prevention.

Teachers: You may wish to read 15 Tips for Talking with Children About Violence here. It is understandable for students to feel upset by the events in Nashville. Consider inviting your school counselor or administrator to your class to help facilitate the discussion, and let students know there are resources at the school including the counselor for them to speak with.

For a transcript of this story, click here.

News wrap alternative: Check out recent segments from the NewsHour, and choose the story you’re most interested in watching. You can make a Google doc copy of discussion questions that work for any of the stories here.

Five Facts

  • Who is interviewed for this story, and what is her background?
  • Where did the shooting mentioned in this story take place?
  • How many adults and children were killed in the shooting?
  • What is known about the attack so far?
  • Why is this shooting unusual or unique, according to Jillian Peterson?

Focus Questions

After hearing from Jillian Peterson, what do you think might be some of the best ways to prevent school shootings?

Media literacy: How do you think the media should change the way it reports on deadly attacks such as school shootings?

Alternative: See, Think, Wonder: What did you notice? What did the story make you think? What story would you want to find out more about? Where would you go to learn more?

For More

What students can do: How do you want to solve the school shooting problem? How do other young people hope to solve it? Read this post, which includes ideas from teens across the country and was originally written in 2018. Discuss as a class — what would you add?

Student Video of the Day

“Students reflect on school safety after Oxford shooting” via Student Reporting Labs

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