BrainPop: Dr. Fauci discusses young people’s role fighting coronavirus


In this NewsHour lesson, we team up with BrainPop to hear advice from Dr. Fauci about the coronavirus and concerns about growing anti-science sentiments in the U.S. Continue reading

Scientists test new Ebola vaccine under tough conditions


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Months after the end of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, scientists are creating a vaccine in the hopes of preventing another. An…read more

Ebola vaccine begins human trials


Researchers plan to start testing an Ebola vaccine on humans in the wake of the disease’s worst outbreak ever. Continue reading

Flu Vaccine Approved


Since the swine flu outbreak began last spring and spread to more than 100 countries researchers have been working around the clock to come up…read more

Nigeria Deals With Polio Outbreak


Although health workers in have eliminated the crippling disease polio in most parts of the world, it is still a major problem in Nigeria where…read more

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