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Hiding And Seeking
Feature Film | 08/30/2005 | 90 Mins

Is it possible to heal wounds and bitterness passed down through generations? An Orthodox Jewish father tries to alert his adult sons to the dangers of creating impenetrable barriers between themselves and those outside their faith. He takes them on an emotional journey to Poland to track down the family who risked their lives to hide their grandfather for more than two years during World War II. Like many children of survivors, the sons feel that Poland is a country that is incurably anti-Semitic, but it is precisely here that they meet people who personify the highest levels of compassion. Hiding and Seeking explores the Holocaust’s effect on faith in God as well as faith in our fellow human beings. A co-presentation with the Independent Television Service (ITVS).

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Film Credits —

  • Menachem Daum Menachem Daum
  • Oren Rudavsky Oren Rudavsky