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Sound of Vision
Short Film | 09/13/2012

Sound of Vision is a glimpse into one man’s journey to belong: born and bred in the city that never sleeps, Frank Senior spends his waking and dream-swaddled hours confronting the hurdles, and embracing the beauty, of the city he will never see. This short documentary was conceived as part of a competition for the International Documentary Challenge, where it won the POV Award, the Jury Award for Best Film, the Audience Award, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Use of the Experimental Genre. Go to the audio-described version »

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Film Credits —

  • Dongnan Chen Dongnan Chen
  • Julia Doran Julia Doran
  • Loretta van der Horst Loretta van der Horst
  • Konstantin Syomin Konstantin Syomin
  • Joseph Vele Joseph Vele