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East Indian Gallery
Norma Saikhon, President

A display of dolls at the museum
Dolls made by Irene Singh

The concept of ethnic galleries is, they say, unique to the Imperial County Museum. It was part of the concept when they moved from the old building in the County Fairground to the new building on Imperial Valley College property right across from the campus. The museum opened Oct. 2, 1991. The Columbus Day opening kept the Cocopah Indians from joining and they've not come in to this day.


To preserve and celebrate the history of our fathers and to assure that the struggles and obstacles that they overcame as pioneers in this new country are not forgotten.

Visit the Imperial Valley Historical Society's Pioneer Park and Museum as well as the following pages to see the Imperial Valley's tribute to the their East Indian members.

Travel case on display at the museum
Travel case from Punjab
Table with long candles on display at the museum
Family heirlooms on display

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