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Mota Singh's daughters
Mota Singh's daughters

All that is left of Mota Singh's ranch
All that's left of Mota Singh's ranch

After 25 years of hard work, Mota's American dream was coming true. His fortunes had grown with the prosperity of Brawley, Imperial County's second largest town.

Emma Singh
Emma Singh

EMMA: "We lived north of Brawley on the Best Canal road and Dad farmed that whole area there all the way to Rockwood at one time with his brother, they were partners, who lived across the street. Dad was always the one that kept the books...sometimes if I looked over his shoulder and he was writing something in his language, I'd ask him...

Life in Chihuahua
Life in Chihuahua: Consuelo, her daughters, and a relative

"What is this?" and he'd tell me what letter that was. And if it was in summer, he would [always] be under the desert water cooler there. That was our time. And he used to lie down on the carpet and I would kind of romp around him. He was heavy, so I thought it was great, you know. He was like a large mountain there and I'd be all over him."

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