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Niaz Mohamed was a well respected figure amongst the Moslems of Imperial Valley. After building cars in Detroit, Niaz got used to living the good life. Across from the Pakistani house there was a theater on Broadway Street in E1 Centro... She was the ticket girl and that's how Niaz met Lydia. He saw her, She was 18.

Mary Jane Mohamed

MARY JANE MOHAMED MORGAN: "When my mother met my dad, he was driving a Packard. He looked different and he drove a really nice car and he used to wear these suits and wear these hats, y'know, that you'd see in the old movies now. My father was older, a different faith, a different nationality. And her mother, my grandmother, at that time really didn't care for my dad and she was actually supposed to be marrying another man from Santa Barbara that my grandmother wanted her to marry. And she was, you know, in her dress and had her bridesmaids and all that at the church. And my father went to the church and he told her that he wanted her to know exactly how he felt, that he had always loved her and would always love her, he said he would love nobody else. And she left with him that day from the church. They went to Yuma and got married, and from that day her mother didn't talk to her for many years... So she sacrificed a lot to marry my father."

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