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Consuelo at age 80
Consuelo at age 80

Consuelo was born in 1911 to Antonio Arias and Hijinia Corral, in Chihuahua, San Andreas. At the age of 5 or 6 she was brought to Morenci, AZ where her father worked in the copper mines, and she and her sister picked cotton. She often went back to visit her grandmother, and even has a photograph of her great aunt's wedding with Pancho Villa.

Mota Singh
Mota Singh

Around 1923, the family moved to Los Angeles, her brother was born, and she went to school. In 1934, her sister Maria married Mola Singh (nicknamed Vicente) and moved to Brawley. It was in their home that she met Mota Singh. She was complaining about her hands getting scratched from picking cotton, and Mota said, "No mas you go field. We gonna get married." They got married in Las Vegas, on February 7, 1935 and went off to see the World Fair in San Diego for their honeymoon.

Mota and Consuelo Singh
Mota and Consuelo Singh

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