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Executive Producer
Eliene Augenbraun
CEO, ScienCentral, Inc.
brings two decades of producing compelling science materials for the public to this project. She is also an Executive Producer of the documentary Transistorized! Over the past three years she produced, designed, or edited thousands of web pages as Executive Producer of stn2.net and the award-winning site sciencefriday.com. She created illustrations in all media from comic books to museum exhibits. She earned a Ph.D. (Biology) from Columbia University, and a D.O. from the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Executive Producer 
P. W. Hammer
Acting Manager of Education
American Institute of Physics
is an experimental physicist who made the transition from the laboratory to running education programs at the AIP. He spent a year working for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Congressional Science Fellow. Dr. Hammer has published numerous articles on his research and on education and science policy. He received his PhD from the University of Oregon (Physics) and spent two years as a chaos experimentalist at The Naval Surface Warfare Center.
Web Designer
Carl Flatow
ScienCentral and Flatographics

has been designing and creating illustrations in New York for 25 years. As a commercial photographer he used film to illustrate concepts and stories for art directors in advertising agencies and publishing houses. Carl recently expanded his reach to make his talents available directly to corporate clients, designing web sites, creating computer illustrations and animations, and interactive graphics.

OnLine Guide
Ira Flatow

is known by millions as host and executive producer of public radio's award-winning Science Friday®, original host and writer of the Emmy Award winning TV show Newton's Apple®, and for his thirty years of radio and television reporting. He is a veteran science journalist and author who has interviewed thousands of scientists in his career. Thirty years of broadcasting experience affords him the ability to deliver science information in a manner that is compelling and thought-provoking.

History Editor
Spencer Weart
Director, Center for the History of Physics

got his bachelor's and PhD degrees in physics and astrophysics, but after three years of postdoctoral work he returned to graduate school for training in history of science. Since 1971 he has been Director of the Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics. His numerous books include Nuclear Fear: A History of Images, and as co-editor, Out of the Crystal Maze: Chapters from the History of Solid-State Physics.

Karen C. Fox
Freelance Science Writer

is a science journalist in Washington, D.C. who writes about physics and the history of physics. She is a correspondent for Discovery Channel Online and is author of The Chain Reaction: Profiles in Nuclear Science.
Joel Shurkin

Joel Shurkin is bureau chief of Medcast, an internet news service for physicians at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Previously he was a science writer at Stanford University and at the Philadelphia Inquirer. He is author of Engines of the Mind, a history of the computer, and has completed a biography of William Shockley.

Brad Kloza

is also web producer and editor for the Science and Technology News Network. He has written for the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine and others. He majored in Psychology as an undergrad (Hamilton College) and earned a Master's degree at Columbia University's School of Journalism.

David Olsson

earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Duke University. He is an associate producer for Science and Technology News Network, assisting in research, field production, graphics, and web production.

Charles Bergquist

is a producer for ScienCentral and a contributing producer for the public radio program "Science Friday®." Before joining ScienCentral, he worked at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, as a researcher in organic chemistry, and as a freelance writer. He has a Bachelor of Science degree (Chemistry) from University of Delaware, and a Master of Arts degree (Journalism) from New York University.


Peter Reppert
American Institute of Physics



Kevin Aylesworth
Formerly of American Physics Society,
currently at The National Research Council

Walter Brown
Lucent Technologies

Lillian Hoddeson
Crystal Fire

Richard Hudson
Twin Cities Public Television


Science Education Advisors
Lila Adair
Physics Teacher
Central Gwinnett High School
Lawrenceville, GA

Arthur L. Altshiller
Physics Teacher
Van Nuys Math Science Magnet High School
Van Nuys, CA

Paul Doherty
Senior Staff Scientist
San Francisco, CA

Paul Holody
Director, Science Division
Henry Ford Community College
Dearborn, MI


Focus Group Members

George Amann
Physics Teacher
FD Rooselvelt High School
Hyde Park, NY

Rich A. Borst
Science Chair, Physics Teacher
Silver Bluff High School
Aiken, SC

Patrick Callahan
Physics Teacher
Catasauqua High School
Catasauqua, PA

Elizabeth Chesick
Physics Teacher
Baldwin School
Haverford, PA

Lowell Herr
Physics Teacher
The Catlin Gabel School
Portland, OR

Steve Iona
Physics Teacher
Horizon High School
Brighton, CO

Don Rathjen
Physics Teacher
San Francisco, CA

Judy Schmidt
Physics Teacher
Oak Creek Senior High School
Oak Creek, WI

Rosaline Secrest
Physics Teacher
Terre Haute South Vigo High School
Terre Haute, IN

Allen Tucker
Professor of Physics and Physics Teacher
San Jose State University and Lincoln High School
San Jose, CA


Kiera Robinson, for converting sound files
Jack Scott, for scanning photos at the Emilio Segré Archives


Special Thanks
AT&T Archives
American Institute of Physics
American Association of Physics Teachers
Brown University
Emilio Segré Visual Archives
Fairchild Semiconductor
Mike Cross
History of Electronics Museum
Intel Corporation
Ian MacIntosh
J. F. Ptak Science Bookstore
Liberty Photo Service
Lucent Technologies for Development Assistance
National Film Archives
Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
Snuffy's Pantagis Renaissance
Stanford University Special Collections
Texas Instruments
University of Illinois Archives
Whitman College Archives


Audio/Video copyright information
Unles otherwise noted, interviews were produced by Boston Science Communications for ScienCentral and Twin Cities Public Television, copyright ScienCentral and Twin Cities Public Television. Web multimedia content produced by ScienCentral.


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