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History synopsis

Quicktour- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (See Background section below for descriptions)
Shockley, Brattain and Bardeeen- Clashing Egos to the End.


(In alphabetical order)

Gene Anderson
Kevin Aylesworth
John Bardeen - 3 parts
Alexander Bell
Robert Brattain
Walter Brattain- 3 parts
Walter Brown
Lee DeForest
Phil Foy
Robert Gibney
Lillian Hoddeson
Ted Hoff
Nick Holonyak
Masaru Ibuka
George Indig
Mervin Kelly
Jack Kilby
Karl Lark-Horovitz
Gordon Moore
Akio Morita
Bob Noyce
Russell Ohl
Gerald Pearson
John Pierce
Michael Riordan
Ian Ross
Fred Seitz
Harry Sello
William Shockley - 3 parts
Joel Shurkin
Betty Sparks
Morgan Sparks
Charles Stewart
Gordon Teal
Fred Terman
Arthur Torsiglieri
Traitorous Eight
Theodore Vail


(In alphabetical order)

Bell Labs
Fairchild Semiconductor
Shockley Semiconductor
Silicon Valley
Texas Instruments


(In chronological order)


Theodore Vail's Boast
Transcontinental Phone Service
Quantum Mechanics Meets Semiconductors
Radar During World War II- Quicktour stop # 1
The Solid State Group Is Formed - Quicktour stop # 2
ENIAC: Pioneer Digital Computer
Miracle Month At Bell Labs - Quicktour stop # 3
The Junction Transistor (Invention) - Quicktour stop # 4
Naming the Transistor
Patent Battles At Bell Labs
Telling The Military - Quicktour stop # 5
The Patent Announcement
Making Transistors
Junction Transistor Developed - Quicktour stop # 6
Sharing The Technology- The Settlement
Sharing The Technology- Symposia - Quicktour stop # 7
Germanium Transistors For Sale
Point Contact Transistor's Moment of Glory
The Hearing Aid
The First Transistor Radio - Quicktour stop # 8
The First Solid State Computer
Shockley Moves To California - Quicktour stop # 9
The First Year at Shockley Semiconductor
The Nobel Prize
Fairchild Founded by Traitorous Eight - Quicktour stop # 10
The Invention of the Integrated Circuit - Quicktour stop # 11
The Calculator
The Microprocessor (Invention)
Moore's Law
Intel Corp. Founded
The Evolution of the Transistor
The Birth of the Internet
The World Wide Web
The Pentium
The Future of the Transistor - Quicktour stop # 12


Timeline1 1898-1915
Timeline2 thru 1932
Timeline3 thru 1948
Timeline4 thru 1959
Timeline5 thru 1965

Timeline6 thru 1981
thru 2000+
Text-Only Version Of Timeline 1898-2000


(In chronological order)

Discovery Of The Electron
Vacuum Tubes
Quantum Mechanics
Germanium Comes Of Age
The Point Contact Transistor
The P-N Junction
The Junction (sandwich) Transistor
First Silicon Transistor
Modern Transistors
The Four Layer Diode
The Chip
Recreating the First Transistor

Lab Book Pages

Brattain 12/4/47 /a
Brattain 12/4/47 /b
Brattain 12/16/47 /a
Brattain 12/16/47 /b
Brattain 12/24/47 /a

Brattain 12/24/47 /b
Shockley 1/1/48 /a
Shockley 1/1/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /a
Shockley 1/23/48 /b
Shockley 1/23/48 /c
Shockley 1/23/48 /d

Teacher's Features
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Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Profiles of Scientists
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TV Program

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TV credits
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  Periodic Puzzle
The "Grow Your Own Silicon Wafer" Game
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  On the home page:
Ira Flatow intro from TV program
"Hell"s Bells Laboratory" song

Clips from the documentary:
How does the vacuum tube work? (1 video clip)
How does the field effect transistor work? (1 video clip)
The invention of the junction transistor. (1 video clip)
The invention of the point-contract transistor. (1 video clip)
The Tratorious Eight leave Shockley. (1 video clip)  

Extra interviews not seen in the show:
Gene Anderson (3 audio clips)
Robert Brattain (1 audio clip, 1 video clip)
Gordon Moore (2 audio clips, 1 video clip)
Harry Sello (1 audio clip, 1 video clip)
Betty Sparks (2 audio clips, 1 video clip)
Morgan Sparks (1 audio clip, 1 video clip)
Joel Shurkin (3 audio clips)
Walter Brown (1 audio clip, 1 video clip)
Kevin Aylesworth (1 audio clip)

"Tropical birds" (1 video clip)
"One more time" (1 video clip)
"Fire" (1 video clip)

Clips from the past:
NEWS FLASH! (1 video clip)
Walter Brattain (2 audio clips)
Walter Brattain (1 audio clip)
Bill Shockley (1 audio clip)

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