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Making the film CARRIER required 17 filmmakers to take a six-month journey aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz during its deployment to the Gulf in support of the Iraq War. They disembarked from Coronado, California on May 7, 2005 and returned there November 8, 2005 with stops at Pearl Harbor, Hong Kong, Guam, Kuala Lumpur, Bahrain and Perth, Australia.

The trip proved an evolution for the film crew who spent the early weeks trying to find their place while the 5,000 sailors and Marines around them were too busy to take notice. Eventually, the film crew discerned the ebb and flow of life on a carrier, and began to feel more at home on board. The ship’s crew not only accepted them but also took a vested interest in the project, making suggestions on the best places to film and providing access to missions that helped capture the full experience of the deployment.

Jammed into their own staterooms, the crew that once felt apart now felt kinship as they shared both trepidation and jubliation awaiting the safe return of the carrier’s jet fighters. When the huge emotional surge of seeing home hit in November, the filmmakers knew how the Nimitz crew must feel. But back on land, their own mission of editing and production continued for nearly three more years before the film CARRIER docked at PBS on April 27, 2008.

Created from the same pool of material as the PBS series CARRIER, the 90-minute film ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE is an intimate, verité film about three men — pilot Doug Booher, Marine Randy Brock and ordnanceman Chris Altice — performing disparate but connected roles on the Nimitz, from flying F-18s to maintaining the aircraft to loading bombs. Learn More »
Photo of sailors in dress whites Episode Descriptions
Addressing larger themes as family, faith, discipline, patriotism, love and war, the rites of passage and the war on terror, the series closely follows a core of characters, from the Admiral of the fleet to the elite fighter pilots to the lowliest scrubs.
Photo of Director Maro Chermayeff Director’s Diary
Maro Chermayeff, director of CARRIER, describes how she captured the unique experience of living on a ship for six months. To do that, Chermayeff shaped each episode in the series into a specific theme, finding members of the Nimitz crew whose personal stories and ship duties fit the topic.
Photo of F/A-18 on the flight deck Scout Diary
Directors Maro Chermayeff and Deborah Dickson and Consulting Producer Michael Polaire visited the Nimitz twice to learn how best to capture the story. They recount their findings in this day-to-day diary from February and March of 2005.
Photo of cinematographer on the flight deck Making of CARRIER
Seven members of the documentary crew that helped bring a very intimate and revealing look at life in the Navy share their personal moments from their time aboard the Nimitz.
Photo of a lone sailor watching the sunset Music in the Film
Discover the music that introduces a scene, establishes the mood or provides background for every episode.
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Learn how composer Edward Bilous and music producer Greg Kalember created the down-home
theme of the film CARRIER. (4:05)

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