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About the Film: Film Credits

An Icon Productions and Carrier Project Production

Executive Producers
Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey, Nancy Cotton

Executive Producers
Mitchell Block, Maro Chermayeff

Producers, In the Field
Matthew Akers, Michelle Smawley, Pamela Yates

Deborah Dickson, Jeff Dupre

Created By
Maro Chermayeff, Mitchell Block

Consulting Producer
Captain David M. Kennedy, USN (Retired)

Consulting Producer
Michael Polaire

Edward Bilous

Axel Baumann
Ulli Bonnekamp
Mark Brice
Robert Hanna
Wolfgang Held

Post Production Coordinating Producer
Robert Mayer

Pamela Scott Arnold
Jay Keuper
Sabine Krayenbuhl
Maeve O’Boyle
Howard Sharp
E. Donna Shepherd

Sound Recordists
Richard Fleming
Mark Mandler
Gabriel Monts
Joshua Issac

Sound Consultant
Alan Barker

Production Manager, Ship
Julie Almendral
Christopher Edwards

Associate Producer, Ship
Joshua Bennett

Production Manager, NY
Louise Shelton

Executive Music Producer
Tracy McKnight

Music Coordinators
Matt Havron
Eric Mahoney
Alysia Oakley
Colby Trane

Title Design
Chermayeff & Geismar
Ivan Chermayeff
Sagi Haviv

Title Graphic Effects
Special Branch, Inc.
Ed Manning
Fran Roberts

Aerial Cinematography
Paul Ryan

Aerial Pilot
Dirk Vahle

Aerial Technician
Richard Burton

Tyler Aerial Mount Technician
Jacques Arnet

Jet Aerial Camera Mount
Naval Air Systems Command
Captain Tom Huff, USN
Randy Hepp

Cockpit Camera Mount
Eric Wagenberg

Additional Camera
Matthew Akers
Joshua Bennett
Joan Churchill
Michelle Chai
Sandra Chandler
Jeff Dupre
Captain Steven M. Kelly, USN
Don Lenzer
Peter Pilafian
Jerry Risius
Bob Richman
Antonio Rossi
Alex Stikitch

Additional Sound
Alan Barker
Steven Kashuk
Don Hale
Claudia Katayanagi
David McJunkin

Original Music Producer
Greg Kalember

Additional Original Music
Michelle DiBucci
Greg Kalember
Pawel Sek
Carl Barc
The Distillery
Alejandro De Onis
Jeff Knutsen
Steven Orenstein

Production Assistants, Ship
Michelle Chai
Andrew Scerbo

Production Coordinator, LA Shoot
Jeanne Van Cott

Production Assistants, LA
Peter De Conceicao
Denise Hahn
Jonathan Huer
Elizabeth Springett

Associate Editors
Grace Kline
Isaiah Camp
Alejandro De Onis

Assistant Editors
Steven Orenstein
Timothy Lozado

Kasia Witek
Corey Carlson
David Waingarten

Production Associates, NY
Niki Bhattacharya
Jeffrey Solomon

Post Production, Offline Facility

Sound Editing
701 Sound
Ira Spiegel
Marlena Grzaslewicz
Mariusz Glabinski, Dan (Diego) Fulton

Martin Czembor

Post Production Facility
Postworks, NYC

Postworks, Post Production Project Manager
Shannon Hall

HD Conform & Color Correction
Mike Nuget

HD Conform Assistant
Joseph Borges

Production Accounting
Andrew Hall
Stella Louise

Carrier Project, Legal Counsel
Robert Wyman

Legal Consultation
Lincoln Bandlow
Spillane Shaeffer Aronoff Bandlow, LLP

Corporate Accounting
Steve Novikoff
Jung Novikoff, Bellanca, and Company

Transcript Associates

Hong Kong, Guam, Kuala Lumpur
Salon Films, Charles Wang

Nomad Films
Gavin Hutchens, Linda Mutawi, Gaynor Smith
Hejris Al-Shirawi

Fiona Prendergast, Coordinator
Anna Bateman
Melanie Byras

Local Production Assistants
Keith Arnold, Cordell Baker, Ross Barbash
Grant Bostrom, Grant Cogswell, Adam Courier
Paco De Onis, Kim Devereaux, Timothy La Due
Rion Foster, Joshua Gleisch, Christina Julian
Joel Alan Mayer, Gina Nardoni, David Rabig
Arthur Rivers, Brent Sandrock, Donni Shrader
Arrow Skaggs, Jason Skewers, Keohen Smith
Keith Strand, Leanne Tosca, Shane White
Matt Wolpert

Drivers, LA
James Donald Deegan
Marc Jonse
Steve Slotnick

Archival Research Coordinator
Amy Schewel

Archival Footage Provided By
Navy Visual News Service
Christian Garzone
FLIR Footage, US Navy
Nine Lives Documentary Productions
Molly Bingham & Steve Connors

Special Thanks
The Crew of the USS Nimitz, 2005
Carrier Strike Group 11, 2005

Rear Admiral Peter H. Daly, USN
Captain Ted N. Branch, USN
Captain Thomas A. Cropper, USN
Captain Steven M. Kelly, USN
Captain Thomas A. Hejl, USN
Captain William R. Ault, USN

Captain Jack E. Hanzlik, USN
Lieutenant Commander Tamsen A. Reese, USN

James Redford
Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Natalie Spivey
Abel Cinetech
Eastman Kodak, LA
Helinet Cinema Solutions
Hewlett Packard, Honolulu, Hawaii
Third Millenium Travel

Executive Producers for WETA
Dalton Delan
David S.Thompson

Associate Producer for Icon
Larry Gilbert


This program was produced by Icon Productions, LLC and Carrier Project, Inc. which are solely responsible for its content.

Icon Distribution, Inc. 2008

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Learn how composer Edward Bilous and music producer Greg Kalember created the down-home
theme of the film CARRIER. (4:05)


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