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KOREA: The Never-Ending War
Narrated By
John Cho

Edited By
Sunita Prasad

Produced By
Tom Denison
John Maggio

A Film By
John Maggio

Supervising Producer
Dorin Razam-Grunfeld

Director of Photography
Clair Popkin

Gary Lionelli

Post Production Supervisor
Todd Goings

Assistant Editor
Ian Dwy

Archival Producers
Timothy Moran
Jivan Nagra

Additional Archival Research
Randy Herschaft

Graphic Design
Brian Oakes

Catherine Mehringer

Chris Connolly

Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
Tony Volante

Sound Design
Daniel Timmons

Dialogue Editor
Jonathan Fuhrer

Mix Technician
Mark Amicucci

Sound Engineer
Joel Scheuneman

Chief Sound Engineer
Avi Laniado

Producer, Sound Post
Kelsea Wigmore

Sound Editorial and Mix Services
Harbor Picture Company

Narration Recording Engineer
Mark De La Fuente

Music Editor
Jay Duerr

Additional Music
Jay Duerr

Additional camera
Paul Dougherty

Sound Recordists
Ed Jennings
MJ Lee
John McKallip
Rich Pooler
Jake Slaney
Patrick Southern
Pete Verrando

Assistant Camera
Tim Taekyung Han

Han Geeup
Ron Leahy
Jim Matthews
Dan Phillipp
Josh Schneiderman
Charlie Seligman

Corey Gailit
Sean Lyons
Bryan Love

Fixers (Korea)
Aaron Choe
Jeyup Kwaak

Jake Kwon

Tim Lee

Field Production Assistant
Jennifer Ford

Susan Hormuth

Fact Checker
Justine Pierce

Archival Researcher for KBS
Jeong A Kim

Estelle Lee
Sonya Moore
Jake Kwon
Juhui Kwon

Rachel Howard
Sydney Kinsey
Sophia Maddy Fields

Transcription Services
CLK Transcription, Inc.

Legal Services
Klaris Law
Donaldson Callif

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Additional Music

Performed by Kim Jung Mi
Courtesy of Shin Joong Hyun and Lion Productions

"People Dream”
Written by Geoff Gascoyne and Iain MacKenzie
Courtesy of 5 Alarm Music on behalf of Cavendish Music

Performed by Nat King Cole
Written by Lew Douglas, Frank Lavere, Cliff Parman, Dan Belloc
Published by Music Sales Corporation (ASCAP)


Vice President, Production Management
Jim Corbley

Production Manager
Troy Mosley

Production Controller
Mary Jackson

Production Assistant
Julia Kwon

Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Lisa Lindstrom Delaney

Vice President, Program Development, Syndication and Outreach
Karen Fritz

Senior Director, Station Relations
Dani Cook

Project Manager, Station Relations
Khanh Phan

Vice President, National Engagement and Interactive Media
Anne Harrington

Senior Director, Impact and Engagement
Amy Labenski

Web Producer
Justin Rhodes

Vice President, External Affairs
Mary Stewart

Senior Director, National Publicity
Kate Kelly

Creative Director
Cynthia Aldridge

Graphic Design
Michele Shepherd Wells

Executive Producer for KBS
Jeong Joong Kim

Executive Producer for the BBC
Mandy Chang
Jo Lapping

Executive Producer for ZED
Manuel Catteau

Executive Producers for WETA
Jeff Bieber
Dalton Delan

“Korea: The Never Ending War” is a co-production of WETA Washington, D. C., the Korean Broadcasting System and ZED, in association with ARK Media and the BBC.

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Korea: The Never Ending War