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Episode 3 - Quakers

The scientists continue to look for gold in New Zealand, following in the footsteps of the original prospectors from 1860.

Mike and Mike head off on their expedition in search of gold-bearing rockEllen McCallie helps make a waterproof tent to keep Mike Bullivant and Mike Leahy dry on their overnight expedition in search of gold-bearing rock. And Kathy Sykes and Jonathan Hare make a seismograph using alarm clocks to measure earthquake activity in the area.

Explore the science

Explore the science: seismograph The scientists begin by trying to find the best waterproofing agents for a tent, and look at the possibilities for insulating it. They also build a seismograph and test it with dynamite explosions.The Rough Scientists have explained the science behind these challenges.

Explore the science: waterproof tentWhat makes a good waterproofing agent? Discover how material can be treated to repel water and what modern tents are made of.

How does a seismograph work? Investigate the physics and find out how to make one for yourself.


Read the Rough Scientists' diaries With all this earthquake activity going on around them, were the Rough Scientists quaking in their boots? Did the two Mikes get rained on or manage to stay dry in their newly waterproofed tent? Find out what each scientist felt about their mind-bending challenges by reading their own personal diaries.

Photo: Rough Scientists at work
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