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Mike Bullivant's Diary

Day 24: Speed and Melt of Glacier

Today's going to be another relatively easy day for me and Ellen. All we have to do is spend the morning walking up to the glacier face, take a couple of simple measurements, and then return to town, from where a helicopter will fly us up into the mountains to join the rest of the team. The morning goes like a dream. The weather's perfect yet again; clear, blue skies, and lots of warm sunshine.

the rough scientistsThe morning passes quickly, and by 3 pm, we've been helicoptered up to Luncheon Rock (two thirds of the way up Franz Josef Glacier) to meet up with Kathy, Jon and Mikey L. Their spirits seem high. They appear to have had a pleasant night of it, and it looks like they‘re all still speaking to each other. Mikey L tells of a scary moment when he went out for a pee in the middle of the night. Apparently, he turned the wrong way out of the Alma Hut, and made his way, unknowingly, to the edge of a precipice. It's a good job that the glacier guide that stayed with them overnight had banned alcohol, otherwise things may have been even more hairy!

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Photo: Mike Bullivant
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