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Mike Leahy - Biologist

Mike Leahy left school by 'mutual agreement' while studying for his A levels and began an apprenticeship as an auto mechanic. Mike was an active member of the environmental movement during the late 80s and early 90s and while still a mechanic he studied for a Biology A level at night school.

At the age of 26, armed with a single A-level, he left mechanics to study for a degree in Environmental Biology at Oxford Brookes University and gained a First Class Honors degree within two years. Mike moved on to Oxford University to study for a PhD in Virology. He was awarded his doctorate 2½ years later. With 14 publications in international journals he is now considered a leader in the field of influenza virus replication.

This is Mike's third Rough Science project.

Photo: Mike Leahy
Mike Leahy's Diary