A Tale of Two Schools Bearden Elementary Walton Elementary
The Documentary The Challenge Get Involved
The ChallengeWatch a Clip
History of the Reading Wars
State of Reading Reform
Closing the Achievement Gap
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Separate but Superior
Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Delta Schools Search for Answers
Reading All Over the Nation

Across the country, schools are struggling with their most basic job: teaching kids to read. Bearden and Walton are not alone. But what does it take to make things better? A committed principal and staff? A proven reading program? Committed parents? A million-dollar grant? And how did we get to this point?

We've gathered together articles that highlight the history of teaching reading in this country, the role of race in education, and the current state of reading reform. And we've also included coverage of education by local reporters in Fort Worth and Mississippi.

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Photo Credit for Bearden Elementary: Maude Schuyler Clay
Photo Credit for Walton Elementary: Chris Hamilton

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