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‘Potential explosive devices’ sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton intercepted by Secret Service

October 24, 2018
Devlin Barrett, Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Mark Berman | The Washington Post
The Secret Service said Wednesday that it had intercepted packages containing “potential explosive devices” addressed to former first lady Hillary Clinton in New York and former president Barack Obama in Washington.
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DOJ Inspector General report on FBI handling of Clinton email probe entering final stages

May 17, 2018
Manu Raju, Laura Jarrett, Jeremy Herb, David Shortell | CNN
A draft of the much-anticipated report from the Justice Department's internal watchdog, addressing a wide-ranging set of allegations that department protocols were flouted when the FBI investigated Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information, has been completed, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.
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Hillary Clinton, a favorite GOP foil, plans discreet 2018 strategy

February 12, 2018
Robert Costa | The Washington Post
In the first electoral season since the stunning loss that extinguished her years-long drive for the presidency, Clinton, 70, has begun a discreet and low-profile reentry into the political fray.
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Republicans target Trump dossier author as FBI revives Clinton Foundation investigation

January 6, 2018
Geoff Bennett | NBC News
Two Senate Republicans have asked the Justice Department and the FBI to look into the man behind the controversial and unsubstantiated dossier about President Trump and his alleged ties to Russia. The FBI has also reportedly been looking into the Clinton Foundation for months.
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President Trump Threatens to Withhold Aid to Palestinians

January 3, 2018
Peter Baker, Michael Tackett | The New York Times
President Trump weighed in Tuesday on the stalled Middle East peace process, saying that the Palestinian Authority was taking “hundreds of millions of dollars” in assistance from the United States while showing no “appreciation or respect,” a blunt, harsh criticism likely to escalate tensions.

Donna Brazile speaks out, 8 people killed in NYC terror attack, and Jerome Powell tapped as new Fed chair

November 3, 2017
Eight people were killed and a dozen more injured after a terror attack in New York City.
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Washington Week panelists discuss Hillary Clinton's new book

September 12, 2017
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is out with a new book of her reflections of what happened in her campaign and explanations of what went wrong.
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'What Happened' in 2016? Hillary Clinton still doesn't know

September 11, 2017
Doyle McManus | The Los Angeles Times
Was this book necessary? Hillary Clinton’s anguished, angry memoir of her presidential campaign, “What Happened,” will be unveiled this week, complete with television appearances and a 15-city lecture tour.
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