Employment or Retirement?

What does it mean to retire? There is increasing evidence that the full-start/full-stop model of paid work is no longer feasible. Many people are not financially prepared to stop working at 65, and even those who are may miss the intellectual stimulation and social benefits of working. In addition, some companies are beginning to experience a shortage of talent for skilled jobs, just as experienced workers are beginning to retire. To help address these changing forces, both workers and employers are experimenting with new models of work.

Not only is the way people work after 65 under scrutiny, but so is the purpose of working in later years. Many elders want to use this time of life to become more involved in their communities. Their experience can be especially beneficial to organizations that are already facing labor shortages such as education, health care, and social services.

Civic Ventures is a nonprofit organization that explores new ways for people over 65 to continue to make a contribution. For information on how retirees can find public service jobs, see its online pamphlet, "The Boomers' Guide to Good Work." Click on "Publications," then "Booklets."

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