The FRONTLINE Interviews:

Lies, Politics and Democracy

Our Sources. On the Record. At Your Fingertips.

To produce Lies, Politics and Democracy, the FRONTLINE team conducted more than 40 hours of original interviews with current and former members of Congress and advisers who worked in the Trump administration, as well as journalists, legal scholars and political scientists. These interviews can be explored below in video or text. The collection is part of FRONTLINE’s Transparency Project, which makes our source material available to the public.

Interviews for this film Lies, Politics and Democracy were conducted by Vanessa Fica, Michael Kirk and Mike Wiser of the Kirk Documentary Group and edited for the web by Lauren Prestileo. The Transparency Project is produced by Lauren Prestileo.

Design and build for Lies, Politics and Democracy by Dan Nolan and Anthony DeLorenzo with assistance from Kimberly Patch. Video editing by Alex LaGore. Copy editing by Julie Wolf. Additional assistance from Olivia DelVecchio, Denise Emerson, Priyanka Boghani, Bruce Gil, Chantelle Lee, Aasma Mojiz, Patrice Taddonio, and Jennifer Wehunt.

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