We recorded more than 60 original interviews while reporting Trump’s Showdown. Explore dozens of the interviews — and how we used them in the film — through this interactive version of Trump’s Showdown. While viewing, you can see key quotes in context. You can also go deep into 34 transcripts of people we interviewed.

The interactive is part of FRONTLINE’s Transparency Project, our effort to show where our reporting comes from and how we use that reporting to tell stories.


Interviews for this series were conducted by Michael Kirk, Jim Gilmore and Gabrielle Schonder of the Kirk Documentary Group and edited for the web by Phil Bennett, Callie Wiser and Priyanka Boghani.


Design and build for "Trump's Showdown" by Ly Chheng and Dan Nolan with assistance from Kimberly Patch. Copy editing by Julie Wolf.


Additional assistance from Dale Cohen, Sarah Childress, Catherine Trautwein, Marcia Robiou, Miles Alvord, Jim Ferguson and Joey Mullin.

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