Gabrielle Schonder


Gabrielle Schonder has reported on more than 15 films for Frontline with the Kirk Documentary Group. An award-winning producer, she has covered national affairs, foreign policy, and national security. Gabrielle had her directorial debut in 2020 with The NRA: Under Fire documenting the NRA’s meteoric rise and the investigations to dissolve the powerful lobbying organization. Gabrielle covered the re-election efforts of President Trump for The Choice 2020, PBS’s acclaimed election-year series. She reported for the previous installment of The Choice 2016, which was recognized with an Emmy Award.

Gabrielle’s Frontline films include America’s Great Divide: From Obama to TrumpSupreme RevengeThe Mueller InvestigationZero Tolerance, Trump’s ShowdownTrump’s Takeover, Bannon’s War, Trump’s Road to the White House, and the four-hour Divided States of America.

Prior to joining PBS, Gabrielle was an investigative producer at 60 Minutes, the highest-rated news program in history. Her coverage of the 2015 Paris Attacks for the broadcast won an Emmy award. Her groundbreaking report about insider trading by members of Congress led to the passage of The STOCK Act. The report was honored with three Emmy nominations and a Joan Shorenstein Barone Award from the Congressional Correspondents Association.

Gabrielle studied politics and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.

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