James Jones

Award-winning filmmaker James Jones has produced and directed documentaries all over the world, covering the fight against ISIS, the cult of Vladimir Putin, the war in Ukraine, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the trafficking of women from Africa to Europe, suicides in the military, executions in China, and life inside repressive regimes like North Korea.

Jones has produced four films for FRONTLINE. Secret State of North Korea, which broadcast in January 2014, got unprecedented access inside the world's most secretive and repressive state. It revealed the cracks in the country's information barrier and small signs of dissent against the country's rulers.

In December 2014, Syria's Second Front, a film Jones produced, won the prestigious duPont-Columbia Award. And in 2015, he won an Emmy for The Battle for Ukraine, which he directed and reported. The film followed the Ukrainian revolution descending into civil war.

His most recent FRONTLINE production was Escaping ISIS (2015), which followed a secret network that rescues women from ISIS.

In the U.K., Jones' films have won a Grierson, a Mind Media and a Rory Peck Award, and have been nominated at the BAFTAs, the Royal Television Society Awards, the One World Media, Ilario Alpi, and Prix Europa Awards.

Born in London, educated at the University of Oxford, Jones began work as a Russian translator on a BBC series about oligarchs. He joined the BBC in 2006, working as a researcher on its foreign affairs strand This World, and in 2011, he began directing films for Channel 4's Unreported World.

Jones has made films that range from observational documentaries on social issues (Britain's Hidden Housing Crisis in 2012) to major investigations (Broken by Battle in 2013).

In 2015, Jones made the critically acclaimed film Children of the Gaza War for the BBC. The documentary followed the lives of children on both sides of the conflict during the summer 2014 war and over the year that followed.

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