Jon Palfreman

A veteran of both U.K. and U.S. television, Jon Palfreman has made over 40 BBC and PBS one-hour documentaries including a dozen FRONTLINE reports. His programs for PBS include the Peabody Award–winning series The Machine That Changed the World, the Emmy Award–winning NOVA Siamese Twins and the Alfred I. du Pont–Columbia University Silver Baton winner NOVA/FRONTLINE Harvest of Fear. His recent FRONTLINE productions are Sick Around the World, Sick Around America and The Vaccine War.

Palfreman has received many other awards honoring the quality and accuracy of his science journalism. These include the Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Writing, the American Association for the Advancement of Science science-writing prize (a three-time winner), the National Association of Science Writers "Science-in-Society" Journalism Award (a three-time winner) and the Writers Guild Award for best script.

Palfreman, who was a 2006 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, has written two books. He is currently KEZI Distinguished Professor of Broadcast Journalism at the University of Oregon.

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Nuclear Aftershocks
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Sick Around America
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Sick Around The World
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April 15, 2008