Nawal al-Maghafi

Reporter / Filmmaker

Award winning Reporter and Filmmaker Nawal Al-Maghafi has been reporting on the Middle East since 2012. Over the past six years, she has been one of the few journalists conducting firsthand reporting of the ongoing conflict in Yemen; travelling extensively throughout the country. Her investigation into a 2015 attack on a Yemeni funeral — the deadliest of the conflict so far — provided key evidence in the case against weapons sales to Saudi Arabia by the US and UK. Her most recent documentary, Iraq’s Secret Sex Trade won two Emmy’s last year, the film investigates Shia clerics at some of Iraq's holiest shrines, Nawal reveals the exploitation of vulnerable girls and young women, tricked into 'pleasure marriage’, a practice in which clerics make money from helping men who want sex with very young girls. Secret filming in the film reveals a cleric conducting a 'pleasure marriage' with a girl he believed to be only 13. She has also travelled across the Middle East to investigate how Mass Surveillance technology sold by BAE systems was being used by repressive Gulf states to monitor and stifle dissent by local human rights activists, and recently returned from Yemen where she has been filming the impact Covid 19 has had on a country already battling the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Languages Spoken:

English, Arabic


London, United Kingdom

Areas of Expertise:

Terrorism, War & Conflict, Social Issues

Journalist Nawal al-Maghafi Yemen
Yemen’s COVID Cover-Up
How the coronavirus pandemic has deepened Yemen's humanitarian crisis.
February 9, 2021
Iraq's Secret Sex Trade
A report on the sexual exploitation of women and girls in Iraq.
November 12, 2019