Vanessa Fica


Vanessa Fica has worked on four films for FRONTLINE: the Emmy-nominated "Love, Life & The Virus," "American Voices," the Peabody-nominated "COVID’s Hidden Toll," and "Boeing's Fatal Flaw."

Fica spent more than a decade at 60 Minutes, the highest-rated news program in history. She reported stories from more than a dozen countries, including Mohammed bin Salman’s first interview with American television and a series on Christians in the Middle East. Fica's landmark investigation of an airline’s troubling safety culture and the FAA’s lack of oversight won an Edward R. Murrow Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Prior to 60 Minutes, Fica coordinated breaking news coverage between the CBS Evening News and CBS Radio News newsrooms.

Fica studied Broadcast Journalism and Latin American studies and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Brooklyn, New York

1h 24m
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