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After George Floyd

The killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis sparked a nationwide reckoning on racism in America — and renewed calls for change. FRONTLINE partners with award-winning Star Tribune reporters as they cover the aftermath of Floyd’s death, Chauvin’s trial and the impact on both the city’s police and communities of color.

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Only Minneapolis Police Officer Formally Disciplined for Misconduct Tied to the Department's Riot Response Has Left Job
Colleen Ryan quit her job and filed a complaint, alleging her former employer discriminated against her because she's a lesbian who advocated for "women and queer officers" in the workplace.
Star Tribune
October 29, 2021
Minneapolis Voters to Decide Fate of Police Department on Nov. 2
With citywide elections looming in November, Minneapolis faces a choice about what the future of policing looks like and whether the Minneapolis Police Department can reshape itself into the needs of a changed world often full of mistrust for law enforcement since George Floyd's murder and the protests and riots that followed.
Star Tribune
October 9, 2021
Most Minneapolis Voters Believe Crime Is on the Rise, New Poll Finds
An overwhelming majority of likely Minneapolis voters say crime is on the rise, a view strongly held by residents of every race, gender and age group across the city, according to a new Minnesota poll, our Local Journalism Initiative partner the Star Tribune reports.
Star Tribune
September 18, 2021
Minnesota Poll: Most Minneapolis Voters Want Reform, Not Fewer Cops
A clear majority of Minneapolis voters oppose reducing the size of the city’s police force — a feeling that’s especially strong among Black voters, according to a new poll. At the same time, voters are showing support for replacing the police department with a new agency, our Local Journalism Initiative partner the Star Tribune finds.
Star Tribune
September 18, 2021
Minneapolis’ bloody summer puts city on pace for most violent year in a generation
A surge in gunshots in some areas have put the city on pace for its most violent year in a generation.
Star Tribune
September 11, 2021
Groups Arise, Spurred by Minneapolis Gun Violence, to Enact Early Interventions
Timing is everything when it comes to traumatic events, advocates say.
Star Tribune
September 2, 2021
Between defund and defend, L.A. tries new tactics, bigger budget for cops
More than a year after George Floyd’s killing, Los Angeles’ commitment to police reform is being tested, our Local Journalism Initiative partner the StarTribune found.
August 28, 2021
In Atlanta, city wrestles with call to transform policing
In Atlanta, the rare American city with a majority Black police department, crime is the top issue in November’s mayoral election, and the city’s political discussion remains charged, our Local Journalism Initiative partner the StarTribune found.
August 28, 2021
Street Outreach Teams Get Caught Between Protesters, Police
Grassroots security and anti-violence groups in Minneapolis are increasingly targeted as proxies for law enforcement, our local journalism partner the Star Tribune found.
Star Tribune
July 10, 2021
In Time of Greatest Need, Minneapolis Struggles to Recruit New Police Officers
Pursuing diversity, new culture amid departures is an uphill climb for the Minneapolis Police Department.
Star Tribune
June 26, 2021
Derek Chauvin’s Sentencing Sparks Relief But Also Resolve to Keep Fighting Injustice
While news of Derek Chauvin's guilty verdicts in April brought hundreds of people to Minneapolis streets and George Floyd Square with fireworks, cookouts and other signs of jubilation, the sentencing drew smaller crowds whose initial reactions were mixed and subdued.
Star Tribune
June 25, 2021
Number of Gunshot Victims in Minneapolis is Up 90% From Last Year; Solutions Elusive
As Minneapolis struggles to develop a new approach to public safety amid intense scrutiny of its police department, it faces a depressingly familiar problem: how to curb surging gun violence as the weather warms.
Star Tribune
June 19, 2021