Local Journalism Initiative

FRONTLINE is supporting local and regional news organizations that are conducting investigative journalism projects in their communities. Our partners in 2020 include newsrooms in Tampa Bay, New Mexico, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee and Colorado. We are contributing editorial, audience development and financial resources to coverage of subjects from environmental safety and teen suicide to online education and the future of farming. Read more about our Local Journalism Initiative here, and meet our 2021 partners here.

Our Partners
Texas Newsroom

A public radio/NPR collaboration

The Public's Radio

Providence, Rhode Island

Star Tribune

Minneapolis, Minn.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City, Utah

Milwaukee PBS

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rocky Mountain PBS

Denver, Colorado

New Mexico PBS

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tampa Bay Times

St. Petersburg, Florida

Oklahoma Watch

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Latest Reporting from Our Partners

‘A disturbing shooting’: Salt Lake County district attorney says officer was justified in killing handcuffed man
An exasperated district attorney tried to get two points across at a Thursday news conference. The first is that as the law is currently written, Longman’s shooting was justified. The second is that Gill thinks the law should be changed. 
The Salt Lake Tribune
July 22, 2021
Ralls Residents Face Uncertainty as the Rural Community's EMS is in Jeopardy
The residents of Ralls, TX are facing uncertainty as they are at risk of losing their Emergency Medical Service station.
The Texas Newsroom
July 20, 2021
Most Never Shoot at Someone, but These 38 Utah Officers Have Pulled the Trigger Multiple Times
The Salt Lake Tribune and FRONTLINE reporters relied on police records and news reports to document each time a Utah officer fired his or her weapon from 2004 to 2020, tracking 318 shootings.
The Salt Lake Tribune
July 13, 2021
VIDEO: A Utah Police Officer Killed a Man Inside the Police Department. It Was His Third Shooting.
A West Valley City police sergeant killed Michael Chad Breinholt nearly two years ago, but the district attorney still hasn’t said whether the shooting was justified.
The Salt Lake Tribune
July 12, 2021
Street Outreach Teams Get Caught Between Protesters, Police
Grassroots security and anti-violence groups in Minneapolis are increasingly targeted as proxies for law enforcement, our local journalism partner the Star Tribune found.
Star Tribune
July 10, 2021
Federal Lawmakers Call for Penalties for Tampa Lead Factory
Regulators, prompted by a Tampa Bay Times investigation, found Gopher Resource ran afoul of environmental standards.
Tampa Bay Times
July 10, 2021
Tampa Lead Factory Ran Afoul of Environmental Standards, Report Finds
The inquiry was spurred by a Tampa Bay Times investigation into hazardous conditions at the plant.
Tampa Bay Times
July 1, 2021
Tampa Lead Factory Gets Credit Downgrade
An ongoing federal probe, prompted by a Tampa Bay Times investigation, was a key factor in the decision, the credit-rating agency said.
Tampa Bay Times
June 29, 2021
In Time of Greatest Need, Minneapolis Struggles to Recruit New Police Officers
Pursuing diversity, new culture amid departures is an uphill climb for the Minneapolis Police Department.
Star Tribune
June 26, 2021
Derek Chauvin’s Sentencing Sparks Relief But Also Resolve to Keep Fighting Injustice
While news of Derek Chauvin's guilty verdicts in April brought hundreds of people to Minneapolis streets and George Floyd Square with fireworks, cookouts and other signs of jubilation, the sentencing drew smaller crowds whose initial reactions were mixed and subdued.
Star Tribune
June 25, 2021
Number of Gunshot Victims in Minneapolis is Up 90% From Last Year; Solutions Elusive
As Minneapolis struggles to develop a new approach to public safety amid intense scrutiny of its police department, it faces a depressingly familiar problem: how to curb surging gun violence as the weather warms.
Star Tribune
June 19, 2021
The Doctor is Out: Texas Community Worries About Future Without Local Healthcare
The problem the residents of Bowie, TX, face is one that has become more prevalent around the U.S. as at least 136 rural hospitals have closed in the last decade.
The Texas Newsroom
June 18, 2021

The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.