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What Are the Youth Football Laws in Your State?
Since 2009, every state except for Mississippi has enacted legislation designed to minimize the risk of football-related head injuries.
August 13, 2013
Coming Soon on FRONTLINE: "League of Denial"
This fall, FRONTLINE will air a special two-part investigation examining whether the NFL has covered up the risks of football on the brain.
August 6, 2013
Legal Battle Over NFL Brain Injuries Ordered Into Mediation
A federal judge is delaying her ruling on the NFL's request to dismiss the case brought by more than 4,200 players so that both sides can explore whether a "consensual resolution is possible."
July 10, 2013
NCAA Lawsuit Asks, Should Student-Athletes Be Paid?
Plaintiffs in the case, O'Bannon v. NCAA, argue that they are entitled to a portion of the revenue the NCAA earns by licensing the "likeness" of players in broadcast rights and video games.
June 20, 2013
NFL Helmet Manufacturer Warned On Concussion Risk
Despite the warning, Riddell promoted its Revolution helmet -- used by players from youth leagues up to the NFL -- as providing better protection against concussions.
May 1, 2013
In Brawl For Seau Brain, a Proxy War Over Concussion Science
The NFL’s intervention in the fate of Junior Seau’s brain — the most prized specimen yet in the race to document the relationship between football and brain damage — was part of an aggressive strategy to dictate who leads the science of concussions.
April 29, 2013
At Start of NFL Concussion Case, a Focus On Workplace Safety
Should former NFL players be able to sue the league for brain injuries they suffered on the field? That question was the focus of a preliminary hearing Tuesday into concussion litigation filed by more than 4,000 NFL veterans.
April 10, 2013
NFL Concussion Litigation Faces An Early Courtroom Test
A preliminary hearing this week will determine whether more than 4,000 former players can sue the NFL in court for allegedly concealing the link between football and brain damage.
April 8, 2013
Concussion Researchers Consulted With NFL Players' Lawyers
The disclosures come as oral arguments begin Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia on the NFL's motion to dismiss a lawsuit, which involves more than 4,000 former players who allege the league concealed the effects of football-related head trauma.
April 5, 2013
With Eye on Concussions, NFL Adopts New Rule on Helmet Hits
In an effort to reduce the number of head injuries that occur on the field, NFL owners have approved a new rule that will penalize players from striking opponents with the crown of their helmets.
March 22, 2013
NFL Concussions: The 2012-13 Season In Review
The past NFL season saw more than 160 players go down with a head injury. Along the way, there have been landmark breakthroughs in brain research, a high-profile wrongful death lawsuit, and even a commentary on violence in football by President Obama.
February 1, 2013
Obama's Concerns Focus Super Bowl Talk On Player Safety
The president said that if he had a son, he'd think twice about letting him play football. His comments, which have spurred a range of reaction from players, come amid an NFL season in which 170 concussions have been reported on team injury reports.
January 29, 2013