Mosquito Hunter

August 2, 2016
Michelle Mizner Series Producer & Editor, FRONTLINE
Katie Worth Former Reporter, FRONTLINE

In the midst of political and financial crisis, Brazil is facing historic outbreaks of several mosquito-borne illnesses. One of the diseases, Zika, has infected an estimated 1.5 million in the country and is linked to severe birth defects in children. Racing to contain new infections, the government has deployed hundreds of thousands of health workers throughout the country to eradicate mosquitoes. Among them is George Wallenberg, who FRONTLINE recently followed as he and his team went door to door in the city of Recife, the epicenter of the outbreak, looking for standing water where the mosquitoes that carry Zika might breed. But in a country where 80 million people don’t receive running water each day and must store it in containers at home, George’s job seems never ending.