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Prosthetic Legs, Deadly Black Holes, and 250-dB Blasts: NOVA Next Week in Review

ByAllison EckNOVA NextNOVA Next

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This Week’s NOVA Next Feature Article

Prosthetic technology is advancing rapidly, but for most people, cutting-edge devices are neither attainable nor well suited for their lives.

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NOVA Next contributor Rose Eveleth investigates the idea that sometimes the most revolutionary device isn’t state of the art.

This surfer competes at the 2011 Big, Bad, and Ugly Surf Contest, in Morro Bay, California, using a durable prosthetic leg. Conditions like these would damage today's myoelectric legs.

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Missed this week’s NOVA broadcast, “Mt. St. Helens: Back from the Dead?” Watch the program online below, and learn how one little pocket gopher became the hero of Mt. St. Helens.

Watch "Mt. St. Helens: Back from the Dead" to discover if an eruption like it could happen again.
    • This coming Sunday marks the premiere of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s 13-part Cosmos on FOX and the National Geographic Channel, an homage and update to Carl Sagan’s original series of the same name. The New York Times has a great review of the program, and you can watch a fun profile of Tyson over at NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists.
    • Stretched like a noodle? Burnt to a crisp? The answer to how you would die in a black hole could revolutionize the fundamental laws of nature. Watch our new video .